How I work for clients

Clients say I am thorough, I communicate well with them. It’s not a one-time conversation. The case is a process, and communication is part of that process. We don’t make major decisions regarding clients without their agreement.

I don’t rush to settlements, there isn’t a playbook for someone’s personal health and well-being. So, if we get to the point where a settlement or a jury trial is in the best interest of the client, we work with the client to make that determination based on that specific case.

I think one preconceived notion is that there is a certain amount of money in an accident, and that’s misleading. But that doesn’t mean we don’t care about the amount. They are owed what a jury will award them, and it’s our job to work with the injured person to best determine that possibility.

Some clients aren’t comfortable or don’t understand the cost-benefit analysis, like whether it’s worth it to go to trial to try to win a claim of a slightly higher amount of money, when doing so can add more expense and time. So we can walk them through that, empowering them to again make their own decision.